Thursday, 12 January 2017

Grocery shopping for busy professionals

Grocery shopping has to be planned and budgeted accordingly. It  is executed by mostly the most experienced and seasoned shopping veteran of the family. This veteran can be anyone irrespective of age, gender, status. The grocery shopping was done by with a shrewd eye for quality and economy. This exercise would be done repeated every month or every few months and thus no problems would be caused for the family members. This was a very useful experience and thus grocery shopping was not a painful experience for the family.
Grocery shopping consists of staples like wheat, rice, pulses, cooking oil, ghee, sugar, dry fruits, spices, fabric care products, home care  and kitchen care items.
All these products are available in wholesale shops that are situated a little far away from residential areas. It is a whole day process of going to the shop placing orders and then checking the list , transporting all the items home.  The first step is scouting shops to find out prices then compare rates and then select the shop that offers best quality and low prices.  This was a mammoth exercise undertaken in almost all homes.

online grocery

Today busy professionals cannot devote whole day for grocery shopping. They have hectic work timings and hence can only shop for a few minutes only.The maximum shopping done is in super markets or malls that also haphazard shopping. Just pick desired products from shelves and put into carts no checking no comparison at all. Pay at check out counters and shopping is completed. No wonder when elders visit these homes they are not only shocked but surprised that these smart youngsters are fleeced and they do not even know it.
Online grocery shopping app is the smart solution for all these problems. Android Apps give customers the freedom to shop anywhere, anytime (with  internet access) These Apps can be used on a smart phone thus providing every convenience to customers.
Just few clicks on phone and orders are placed and payment also done, products delivered home at no additional cost.
Customers can browse through available products 24/7, take suggestions or advice from elders, friends, colleagues and select products. Compare prices, rates, quality etc. Then orders can be placed 24/7 and desired products can be delivered to  the customer’s doorstep at a preferred time.
grocery online

Online grocery shopping can be done from the comfort of home ,office or on the go. Apps also help customers to shop grocery online.
Customers also can conveniently order products, choose various payment options available and purchase many different types of items.
Online grocery shopping also saves money and time of customers. This is also ideal  for all busy professionals who can  online shop grocery products leisurely from home.