Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The guide to simple, easy way to shop non veg products

Every non vegetarian dreams of having a delicious Mutton or chicken based dish every day for his meal. This may be possible but getting fresh, non veg products  is impossible.
Urbanites have this problem of getting fresh products as the slaughter houses are located in far off suburban areas. Busy professionals are always on the go, attending meetings, working late with no energy left to cook a healthy, simple meal. Also cooking and eating frozen goods has become an everyday occurrence. The other option is eating out which is a very expensive affair.
Online e shops have made shopping an enjoyable and very soothing experience.
Customers can browse for their favourite non veg products, like meat,poultry or fish products. These can be dressed pieces or whole products, these items can be ordered according to the customer’s preference. The shopping is also done in the luxury of your favourite lounge chair or sofa at your leisure time. 

online meat

These online shopping portals are open 24/7 which means the customers can place orders at night, early morning or whenever it is convenient for them.
Customers avoid the need to shop in between their working hours /lunch hour, they do not have to face the adverse weather conditions. It is comfortable  and very relaxing to  browse through the various  types of non veg products, compare prices offered by the various merchants & then choose a desired product. Then place orders and get the product delivered home with no additional cost. There is an additional facility for customers who are always travelling or on the go,our portal's App, which helps the customer to browse, place orders from anywhere( with internet access),Thus now customers especially those who dread going to the butcher shop are now magically gifted with fresh non vegetarian products ,delivered home.
Also many desired cuts of meat, special portions of fish, dressed poultry portions are all available at the online e store and delivered home.
The products are fresh of the most superior quality from local reputed butcher shops thus ensuring that the customers  gets quality products.

chicken online

Online meat shopping also educates customers about the correct name of the cut, the desired name of fish, the types of meat cuts, poultry cuts & sometimes even recipes are provided. This helps customers to try new dishes at home thus encouraging healthy, nutritious eating habits.
Online shopping also helps customers to conduct cashless  transactions that is being talked about today and thus help in nation building.
Local  retailers  are also involved in making the online shopping profitable hence they too ensure that a high standard  of quality & hygiene  is maintained while delivering products.
Thus online shopping portals have ensured that shopping has now progressed to a pain free, cash free & nation building exercise while imparting the shopper an enjoyable time.
The online portal also ensures that many discounts, offers are available to the customers. These bargain deals are unheard of in the local market.
Thus it is the customer who has a pleasurable experience while shopping his desired goods and also saving precious time and money.