Monday, 26 December 2016


Cake shopping is very funfilled and enjoyable experience.  Every body has childhood memories of going to a bakery and select the delicious looking cakes from the display surrounded by the wonderful aroma of baking. The smell remains with everybody even after they have grown up. The thrill of going to select  a cake is unparalled . The bakers display counter is filled with many different types of cakes, pastries, cookies, scones, soufflés, pies, puffs and many wonderful treats.
This thrill has been snatched away from the kids today, bakeries are far off, people just go to the nearby daily needs shop and bring some random cake or the bakery is far off, one parent goes to the reputed far off bakery and brings the cake and thus the child is mostly not included in choosing the cake.
Online  shopping cakes has reintroduced the childhood thrills back. The novelty of choosing cakes, selecting a favourite flavor, finalizing the design and final words to be written on the cake. Online shopping cakes also gives customers the freedom to select cakes from all the different types,browse for designs, flavors, finalize the cake. Customers can customize cakes from fondant types of chocolate or any other flavor. This also helps customers to gift cakes for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, special days, special celebrations of promotions, winning deals, appointments etc.

Online shopping cakes has helped customers who live in other cities to gift cakes to their loved ones at the right time on birthdays, other occasions to give a pleasant surprise to the recipient. This is in addition to getting new varieties of cakes.
Cakes are always in demand everywhere. Kids and adults love to indulge in these delicious treats. Once in a while adults too want to enjoy these tasty, mouth watering delights.
Online cake shopping helps Customers to choose cakes without budging from his/her house, browse through an array of cakes, take suggestions from family, friends, place orders all done at night or at the customer’s convenience. This is a great boon for busy working professionals who do not have to squeeze shopping in their lunch hours or after office hours. They can simply do it in their homes at their free time. They can place orders and choose venue & time of delivery.
The bonus is that the delivery is done by our portal without any additional charge.
Customers can shop at Online cakes and get many fancy cakes,fondant cakes, customized cakes that too from reputed local bakeries so that there is no compromise on taste & decoration.
Customers too have the guarantee of the local reputed bakery or cake shop and thus the local bakeries are also involved in the e commerce business.
Local retailers also are interested in new ventures and hence offer discounts,deals to the e shopping portals which are then transferred to the customers. Thus customers get many bargain deals from shopping at online cakes and thus draw them towards these shopping portals again & again.
Thus customers enjoy the many benefits both monetary and otherwise by shopping online cakes.