Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New method of grocery shopping

Household items are very very essential products for the smooth running of a home. The type of product differs in various decades. For eg 50 years back, firewood or coal was the most important item for cooking. This was bought in huge quantities for  cheaper rates and stocked in store rooms. Present day house wives book gas cylinders in advance so that the cooking is not hampered. Thus type of products vary but shopping is necessary. Also the quest for shopping at very low prices continues till today.
Grocery shopping involves most important the staples like rice, wheat, pulses oil. These products are mostly stocked for a month, 3 months or even for a year. The shopping is usually done just after the harvest season is over. The market is flooded with new rice, pulses & wheat but at different time of the year. Previously people used to buy these grocery staples according to variety, color, size of grain and the last was the price. If product was excellent price was no consideration at all. The discount or offer was based on quality of the product.
Today customers shop for one or two brands that are popular for rice wheat etc. Customers do not have much knowledge about varieties,their characteristics etc. They go with the look & feel of the product and if price is reasonable then they purchase it.

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Our grandmothers & grandfathers had a local grocery shop with whom they conducted business. That owner his entire staff  were on first name basis with the customers. The shop owner  knew about deaths,marriages,births etc of the customer’s  families. This was management  practice of the highest level. Nowadays companies appoint relationship managers,executives who perform the same duties.
Grocery shopping remains the most important & essential shopping that has to be done.This shopping involves deep  study of the products, their variety names, plus and minus points,the region where it grows etc. All these are considered when good quality rice or wheat is purchased.
Grocery online shopping also is considered profitable when products like perfumes, soaps, shampoos, deos are bought. Lots of discounts and offers are available for online shopping of detergents, moisturizing lotions and even tea,coffee.
Online shopping offers a wide range of choices for shower gels, various exotic creams & lotions biscuits, cookies.
Online e shops source their products from wholesale dealers hence  many new discounts, offers  that are not even known in the retail market are offered  to the customers.
Grocery shopping is a complicated process that involves staples, cooking oil, soaps, gels, moisturizing lotions,creams,detergents,many eatables like biscuits,cookies,cereals like corn flakes,oats.
Grocery shopping is mostly done in the first week of the month and hence a large number of discounts,offers are available in that period in most of the online shopping portals.
Many customers are now changing to online shopping as it saves time & money.
Cashless transactions are the need of the hour hence online shopping has become popular. These help the customer to place orders from the luxury of their home and get it delivered home absolutely free!