Monday, 19 December 2016

Modern day vegetable shopping

Demonetisation is the current trend of our Nation. Every one is trying or atleast trying to go cashless. Customers from India are trying to shop online for everything from groceries to vegetables.  After trying out everyone is loving it, online shopping is easy, saves time & money and is very convenient to use.
Apps make it more user friendly, shopping on the go (with internet access).
Previously vegetable shopping used to be very laborious, stress full and involved lots of shrewd talking ,haggling. The elders of the house or some experienced  servant of the house went to purchase vegetables. They usually walked or went by Public transport to the wholesale market  that sold vegetables. Here they would carefully take a walk around the market studying all the types of vegetables. They would then carefully compare rates of vegetables with the quality of vegetables. Then they would weigh the consequences very carefully & then purchase vegetables.

vegetables online

This was as good as a case study done by the modern Management students only done very quickly with no tools and calculations done in the mind with no calculator.
Vegetable buying has become very easy compared to all this complicated routine that has become obsolete now.
Login to our portal ,browse for all desired vegetables,compare rates of vegetables available in different shops. Click on desired products, place orders. Get  vegetables delivered at desired place at a preferred time. No hassle,no stress and all this done either from your living room or office without any problem.
Time & money is saved and excellent vegetables are delivered to the customer’s doorstep without any problem.
Customer does not have to spend time in transport, face traffic problems, encounter adverse climatic conditions and gets his vegetables delivered home in time for cooking.
It is a win-win situation for modern day customers who have erratic time schedules.
Online vegetable shopping also promotes healthy eating habits and promote home cooking. When excellent products are delivered home then good cooking .
Thus online shopping stores promote good eating habits and thus help a healthy lifestyle.