Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Monthly grocery shopping with great savings

Every household has a fixed expenditure on certain essentials . These products are mostly food related or home care related. These items are purchased in every home regardless of the cost. Some of these products are staples or food staples that are required for food preparation. These include spices, oil, sugar, staples like rice, wheat etc.
Also included in this list is biscuits,cookies,candy,chocolates that are not very important but  a must in every household.
Snacks like sev,matri,khakra or chivda, mixture are also stocked in every house. These products are either prepared at home or bought from a favorite local store for unexpected guests or used as tea time snacks.
Similarly some sweets are also stored in the fridge for these sudden but  enjoyable visits from friends or family.
All these are also included in the monthly  grocery list.

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Fabric care products are the next most important product in the house. Cleaning of fabrics like clothes, curtains, cushions covers, bed sheets are very essential to the smooth functioning of a house. Clean clothes are very necessary for the perfect functioning of a human. Thus detergents, soap bars, bleach, fabric whiteners are all needed for the complete cleaning of clothes. Woolens need expert cleaners that provide gentle cleaning.
Kitchen care products like soap for washing vessels, glasses, crockery etc. Cloth for wiping counters, special cleaning for glass, microwave proof bowls, anti-bacteria soaps for effective cleaning. Brooms,brushes,and many more items are needed for cleaning kitchens.
All these or majority of these products are bought almost every month by all households in India.
Shopping is compulsory as far as these products are concerned. The shopping is done by an elder of the family mostly by the females of the home.
A lot of time labor, planning goes into these shopping excursions.
Time and physical labor is saved if shopping is done at online portals. Customers can browse for the products they want in the comfort of their homes, offices.

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Orders can be placed at their leisure time, delivery is done at a preferred time at home. Thus customers do not have to carry heavy bags home. It is very convenient especially when the customer is elderly or a senior citizen.
Lastly many offers are available at online shopping portals that are not offered at retail stores. Savings in terms of quality and quantity are also offered to customers.
Online grocery shopping portals do source whole sale dealers hence can afford to pass on many offers, discounts, bargains to their respective customers . These offers are not available in the retail markets or even in the super markets.
Thus online grocery shopping is a win win situation for the customer.