Friday, 21 October 2016

Retailer consumers and their Apps

The world of retail consumers is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The trickle of online shoppers has steadily and swiftly increased to a gigantic outpour.
The onset of superior technology, easy access to these innovations has turned  common people into great innovators and highly technical personel.
Till a decade ago, computers were regarded as some complicated system that was handled by geniuses or aliens. There  were various classes for those who wanted to learn to operate the computer. Gradually it was introduced in schools and then kids began teaching their parents. This process continued and then slowly everyone started purchasing computers on loans  till it became a status symbol to own a computer .
Now with the advent of smartphones every one has an android smartphone in their hands and the internet at their finger tips. It is common place for small kids to make projects on laptops and do the presentations with the help of pendrives.
Hence the age old practices started changing. Banking is done online through laptops, movie tickets are bought online,rail & flight tickets are bought online.

online shopping site

Retailers have started selling everything online and that too cheap.The wary consumers have started using the Cash on Delivery pattern and are thus assured of a fair monetary transaction.
Online shopping sites have started attracting customers with  many unbelievable offers, free delivery promises, same day delivery, 3 hrs delivery and even 90 mts delivery.
Consumers have smartphones which help them to surf internet,send emails and do bank transactions. The online shopping sites have learnt the hard way that the sites are accessible only with laptops or PCs thus shopping was restricted to afternoon time or night time. Thus they came up with another brilliant idea of enabling consumers to shop anywhere,anytime. They devised Apps for all shopping sites thus increasing traffic on their sites which ultimately  resulted in increased sales.

Thus  consumers started shopping on these shopping sites and enjoying all the discounts, bargain deals  without venturing out of their homes and the plus point was the products were delivered home.
The online websites offer many facilities to the shoppers
a) No transport problems- In all small & large cities traffic is a major problem. The distance to be travelled may be 2 to 5 kms but due to the traffic commuters sometimes waste more than 1 to 2 hrs. Lots of invaluable time is saved.
b)No parking problems- There is no provision for parking near or in front of super markets, shops. The shopper has to park vehicles far off or many times in No Parking zone and finish shopping quickly before the traffic police issues challans.
The consumers have started to shop with suggestions from family, friends, compare rates, colors, delivery times and then place orders and get products delivered to the place of their choice at a preferred time.
c) Money  Save-The consumers money is saved. Lots of offers are only offered to whole sale dealers only which is passed on to consumers of online shopping sites.
d) Compare-Consumers can compare rates,sizes etc online and then place orders.
e)Free Delivery -Delivery is done at a place of their choice; Transportation is a great problem nowadays specially when travelling in Public transport.
f) Time is Very Important-Everyone has a busy schedule. Shopping is done very quickly on very essential time. The shopping sites provide delivery at a time of their preference.
g) Hassle Free Shopping-Shopping can be done in the company of friends, relatives, family. The thrill of shopping is not lost.

online app shopping

The Apps have now revolutionized the e- commerce market. The Apps are now available for anyone with smart phone and internet connection. Consumers can shop in cars, trains, planes on the go, anywhere or can browse various products and add to their wish list that can be further reviewed at leisure and then concrete action taken on them. These Apps are now available for shopping, dating, marriage, gardening, fashion, informative like learning languages, knowing more about religion, dance, music, culture, rituals, cooking, simply anything under the sun. These are very convenient to use thus has become very popular.
The e-commerce market is growing more due to increased use of internet and affordable smart phones.
Thus online shopping sites have provided the online shopping app which gives all the facilities for easy, comfortable shopping experience for shoppers .