Friday, 9 September 2016

The tasty snacks online

Festive season means different types of delicacies both sweet and salty. No one is bothered about calories, diets or anything. Namkeens  are very important in a feast or the special delicacies prepared  during festive season. Salty delicacies both fried and not fried items are a speciality of Indians. Mostly delicacies are always sweets but we have a tradition of a variety of chudas, chaklis. Most people now prefer salty items instead of sweets.
Indians have a variety of sev, chuda , chakli, namakpara, matri. Now many healthy items like soya sticks, jowar sticks, nachni chips, ragi sticks are available for the health conscious people.
Till some years back , a group of ladies mostly friends, neighbours used to come together and prepare all delicacies for festivals. Now as everyone is working almost full time it is not possible to make all delicacies, so some are still prepared at home but majority are either purchased from shops or some entrepreneurs supply them.

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Still it is a major project because hygiene has to be maintained, good quality ingredients must be used  as it has to served to family & friends.
Many reputed local sweet shops arrange for special rates and special delicacies to be sold. But it is very crowded and it takes a long time to purchase products. There is overcrowding of customers, shortage of popular items, time wasted in queques, transportation time wasted.
Working professionals do not have time to waste, they have limited time to purchase all essential goods. Sweets are thus purchased according to easy availability at reputed sweet shops rather than by choice. It is mostly a compromise between choice &  quick availability.
Online Namkeens are a perfect choice for all busy professionals The customer can order from his home or from Apps at his/her leisure. The customer can search for namkeens of his/her choice and then take suggestions from family and then place orders. This is a very easy, leisurely process with no stress but can be enjoyed with the family. Then after placing orders the products are delivered home. The products are made with top quality ingredients and with absolutely no compromise on hygiene. All health safeguards are fulfilled only then is the product delivered home. Customer can rest assured that he has ordered the best quality namkeens.
Delivery is also done at a time preferred by the customer so he/she can rest assured that  the product is safely delivered and checked properly after delivery.There are several easy payment options that are convenient and easy for customers.
As online shopping portals do bulk orders very reasonable rates are offered. These offers, deals are then passed on to the customers who also save money. Customers save time & money and so is very profitable for professionals especially during festive seasons.
Online shopping sites offer best quality products to customers, save time, money and stress reduction is also offered.