Wednesday, 7 September 2016

online shopping is too easy and simple with mobile app

Easy and convenient should be tagline for every service that is available in the market. Last decade professionals used to use laptops for working, sending emails, net banking and online shopping. P.C could not be carried everywhere hence laptops came into existence. Laptops are the in thing now because they could be taken everywhere and work would not be hampered.
After some years laptop bags were deemed bulky and hence troublesome to be carried everywhere. Laptops also had a tendency of showing ‘battery low’ signs which were irritating. New and improved laptops with higher battery backup versions were launched in the market.
Man is not satisfied & so a smaller version was invented and called tablets. Emergency work could be done on a tablet and it was lighter and easy to carry.
More research resulted in even smaller version being made. These are phones with a difference. These phones were intelligent and hence ‘smart phones’. These smart phones help a person to call, send messages, access emails, click photos, Google information, set alarms, reminders and many more features.

online shopping

These smart phones were noticed by online shopping sites and because people had their phones with them all the time some feature to incorporate shopping was introduced and this feature was called ‘mobile applications’ or apps.
Every feature that was needed in a smart phone became an app. In the beginning all major phone manufacturers like Nokia ,Apple, created games. Then slowly due to demand by customers many other apps were created.
Then came online banking, which was an instant hit.  This encouraged online shopping which was convenient, easy and shopping could be done any where anytime.Apps were developed by all major shopping sites like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal.

online shopping app
Customers could shop at bus stops, in trains, in cars, at airports, stations, offices, homes practically anywhere.This was a new experience for customers, compact sites and to the point descriptions, bright home pages and daily/hourly bargains that meant savings for anyone & every one.App of Portal offers customers products in many categories like groceries, vegetables, fruits, home care, dry fruits, sweets, cakes and many more.An mobile application has a rich future because more & more products, services, learn at home devices, books, movies, learn new languages, devotional songs, books etc are available at online shopping app store.An application is available at Google play store, it can be downloaded and installed and used by anyone. Many apps are free and some complicated are paid apps.
The method of using is also described in easy language and many have started pursuing hobbies. Online shopping was promoted as shopping in the comfort of your home, but apps have taken it further, shop from anywhere at any time . In the busy world that we live this is a luxury. Apps are the new tool that has revolutionized online shopping in today’s world.