Saturday, 3 September 2016

Make home stylish and elegant-Online Home decor

In olden days people used to decorate houses with natural products like wood, flowers, gardens etc. Palaces had flowers, creepers in the balconies and lounges that brought fragrance, freshness and positivity in the dwelling place.
Decades ago palaces used to build of snow and ice, wood, rocks, cave like structures. These structures were decorated with flowers, creepers, animal skins, small pretty birds, animals roamed in the premises. There are accounts of peacocks in Indian courts; even pet leopards were spotted in some Arab courts.  Local beautiful flowers, exotic flowers imported from other places were also found in courts & palaces.Then man started using materials found locally to beautify his homes.
Thus people living in deserts painted their houses with bright dyes made from natural roots & flowers, those living in tropical climates planted gardens, kept green plants inside their homes, People living in cold regions made houses of ice and decorated with animal skins, those who lived near forests made houses of wood etc.

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Gradually man made brick-mortar houses which were decorated with man made paints, distemper, washable acrylic paints. The Walls of houses were decorated with natural dyes, paintings by famous artists, floral displays, dried floral arrangements, beautiful & artistic lamps, chandeliers.
Emperors, kings had ponds, tanks with lotus, water lilies in it in front of palaces, mini-waterfalls near lounges, or in the courtyard in the center of palaces,houses of rich people in the tropic climates.
This is not possible to have huge gardens or pools in the small houses or flats that men live in today. So men have invented wallpapers that can be pasted on walls to create an illusionary effect.
These wall papers even have 3D effect so that the image seems real. These  wall papers are pasted on a focal point in living, dining and bed rooms so that the whole room is transformed. For eg. If a waterfall depicting wall paper is pasted on the living room or bed room a cooling effect is sensed by people in that room. Thus floral ,sea wall papers are popular.
Large windows to let in sunlight & breeze is usually seen in houses in India. Curtains are necessary, they can be light or heavy.  These are sometimes replaced by blinds where light is not needed at all. These blinds are of many kinds ,they can be vertical blinds, roller blinds. These are also made of natural products. They can be colored or with bright designs.
Floor is covered by carpets or rugs made of many materials. Artificial grass like carpets are very popular.

Online home decor
Customers view all these products in films, T.V. serials but do not know the place to shop these from, here ,Online home decor helps customers.
Customers can search for any desired product, compare colors, sizes, price ranges and place orders. The online portals even deliver these bulky products home and install them. The whole pasting , even expert advice on the exact place on the wall is suggested. The shopping site even delivers the products at a desired time.The whole experience of beautifying homes is wonderful.