Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Healthy dairy products online

India was described as the country that had ‘rivers of milk & honey’. The production of milk, ghee, curd, khowa and butter was enormous and so people included all these in their diet and enjoyed great health.
Milk and milk products must be purchased fresh as they lose their freshness and nutritive value if consumed after some days.  Some decades back people had a milkman nearby or had cows, buffaloes at home so they could get fresh products.
Now it is impossible to get a milkman within city premises, yes on the outskirts of the cities there are milkmen. It is impossible to get fresh milk in the mornings so people rely on packed milk that is available at shops.
Some enterprising ladies do make curd, butter, paneer at home but it is not easy to fit all these into a very erratic & busy schedule. It also needs patience and good milk which is a little difficult.

online dairy products

During festivals special fried dishes, rich dishes prepared in ghee is traditionally made in every home. Usually these dishes are specific for special days, and thus ladies, girls prepare them at home. But oil and ghee is needed in large quantities, hence purchasing during festive seasons is a great chore. After purchasing the transportation is also done by family members themselves.
Oil and ghee is usually expensive during festive seasons,thus mostly elders from the family search for items needed, then purchase the items and personally get it home before the required time & date.
Oil & ghee is usually bought in bulk for all festivals hence budgeting is very necessary. Elders search the shops that offer best prices and then only do they purchase items.
Online shopping portals help these customers in many ways. Customers can  search for all items that are needed for celebrations. They can take suggestions from friends ,family members. They can compare price ranges,colors, sizes ,top brands etc. Customers can place orders at home in the comfort of their living room.
In case of oil brands there are many whole sale traders who offer great discounts to customers but due to non-visibility,customers do not buy from them. Through shopping portals these big wholesalers  can directly sell to customers who get the added advantage of these special offers. During festive season, time and money savings gives  a great sense of achievement to customers.
Thus online shops help customers in saving very valuable time, for the  working professionals. Hectic schedules and  the urge to celebrate is nowadays cut down.
Online sites are now again giving everyone the ability to celebrate festivals in traditional manner and also by preparing traditional dishes using age old recipes and ingredients.
Online sites are thus reminding everyone of their childhood and the way festivals used t be celebrated.