Saturday, 17 September 2016

Grocery shopping made easy

Ask any young executive randomly the price of rice, wheat, sugar and chances are that you will get blank stares! Grocery rates, grocery shopping are done by the elders/parents/newly married couples etc.
Many persons have fixed ideas about shopping for groceries. Grocery shopping is a very serious and monetary management task. The basic and essential products that are needed in a house have to be purchased there is no other option. Food is needed for survival, previously man depended on his own farms, forests for food. Today man has to purchase food from huge stores or local neighborhood stores.

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Intelligent shopping is the key to running a household in a limited budget. A resourceful person must search find shops that sell good quality  products at very reasonable rates. This involves lot of searching, walking through narrow bylanes, finding good shops, comparing prices, making a checklist etc. this whole process involves deep research, comparison charts, detailed information on rates of every product.This is not a task for any layman, it is a well thought about strategic operation. This is no different from a war operation.
                                    1.      First  scout/search  the possible locations for war/shopping.
2.      Then go in person either in disguise or just casually.
3.      After reaching the location, casually stroll around the location, either searching for ‘prime targets’/ best products or just browsing ( for products)
4.      Then go to next location for review.
5.      Then after reviewing all locations go back to base/home.
6.      Then compare all data collected.
7.      Select best location.
8.      Take suggestions from advisers/friends,family.
9.      Plan & select best day for attack/ day for best offers.
10.  Start attack/ place orders.
11.  Wait for results.
Between these all these tasks there is also the added information from taxi- wallahs, liftmen, maids, drivers etc.
This is the structure of war operation and grocery shopping. Previously this whole operation was undertaken by the main female of the house with the servants doing all the carrying. The males of the house just supplied finance and the rest was undertaken by females. Those were the rules of the joint families when purchasing was done in bulk and stored for a whole year.
Now with nuclear families and space shortage it is not possible to store grocery in bulk. The family just about purchases groceries for a month and its finances are stretched to the limit. The purchaser may be male/female but due to erratic work schedules purchasing is done at the first shop/store. No tracking of rates, no comparison just purchase and head home.As everyone is computer-literate now, online buying has increased by leaps and bounds.

grocery online shopping

Previously only bank transactions were done online but now all sorts of transactions are done.Online shopping portals have mushroomed all over the country and adding to the convenience of the customers. All sites have taken into account all preferences of local customers.
Cash and carry was first introduced because the customer wanted to carry products home. Then came another feature for shopping sites, cash on delivery.
These novel features have added to the attraction of shopping portals , especially the younger tech-savvy generation are  shopping for anything on these online sites.
These youngsters have bought many things and the ease with which they have purchased products has fascinated the older generation. They are also more in favor of ‘cash on delivery’ purchases.
Thus groceries are now searched, browsed on these online shopping stores from the luxury of their sofas & armchairs. No marching in narrow bylanes in the hot sun. Sipping tea/coffee everyone can browse for their favourite grocery products, compare prices of different sites, get more information about the product relating to name, health benefits, recipes that can be prepared using it. In a hour of browsing the customer has gained more information about his desired product and has placed an order without moving at all. Online grocery shopping can make your life easy.
Customer can avail of the many offers, discounts that are offered on every site. This is a key attraction for any customer that he/she saves money & time, which is like a bonus.
Special coupons are also offered that guarantee discounts, offers on the next purchase also. This is the temptation for the customer to shop again at the same shopping portal.
Special days many bonanza offers on certain products ,day deals,bulk purchase deals are also offered by some portals to attract customers.
Shopping sites are here to stay for the traffic problems of most cities is set to increase and the long waits at billing counters is a inconvenient hurdle.
Android mobile applications have made shopping more easily. The customer does not have to have a laptop or P.C. he/she can download app FREE from Google Playstore, install it and start shopping anywhere. Practically where there is an internet connection customers can shop. This is a very convenient for customers as they can install these apps in their smartphones and shop at their leisure time.
Android mobile applications have made shopping on online sites more easy and save time & money both.So shop grocery online and enjoy.