Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Eat healthy – Online dry fruits

Festivals or special days are not complete without special, rich sweet dishes. These dishes are usually sweet loaded with pure ghee, dry fruits or fried, spicy and savory. Usually rice or poha or seviyan (vermicelli) is the main ingredient.
Sugar or jaggery is preferred as it was available in small towns easily.  Indians were health conscious and knew about the benefits of jaggery, pure ghee and the goodness of fresh ingredients used like milk, spices.
Dry fruits like cashews, raisins or mishmash, walnuts, almonds or badaam were used in many such special dishes. Every day also dishes like badaam halva was given to children to build their memory power and strength. They had ample amount of dry fruits in milk or roasted in sooji and mixed with milk. A regular intake of dry fruits was ensured in everyone’s diet young or old.

Dry fruits were also purchased from whole sale markets or brought from friend’s orchards or some far off relative’s friends shop but there was full assurance that the product was of top quality.
online dry fruits

 Today the youngsters do not want to have rich fried foods or even sweets that are made in pure ghee. They are calorie conscious and not health conscious. The elders thus make these rich sweets with dry fruits & pure ghee on special days so that it is included in their diet at least for a day.
Purchasing good quality dry fruits is restricted to whole sale dealers. These traders are usually situated at shops that are far off from the centre of the city. It is a very difficult task for purchasing dry fruits nowadays.
There is no assurance about the quality of dry fruits. It is very necessary to purchase good quality dry fruits otherwise the dish will taste bitter or rancid.
Online dry fruits help customers and reduce their problems. The customers can search for dry fruits online. They can even purchase rare dry fruits or hard to get dry fruits. The customer can search for favorite dry fruit in the comfort & luxury of his home. They can compare prices, rates quality based on representations and thus desired products can be chosen.

Many different types and varieties of dry fruits are available with some additional information. The customers can decide and select the product. Also customers can create awareness about certain products that can improve health and fitness.

online dry fruits
The products are delivered home at a preferred time. Chaotic & packed schedule results in non availability of ingredients for a special dish for pujas. Online dry fruits are a help in preparing special dish for pujas for religious rituals. 
The product is delivered in time for the preparation and thus all religious rituals are followed properly. India has specific dish for specific festivals so that can be followed easily.

These products are of excellent quality and are offered at whole sale rates. It is a saving of time & money for the customer hence online.