Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Shop online from your home

Retail market in India is increasing by leaps and bounds. India is now the world’s largest consumer market. All countries are trying their level best to enter Indian market. Population of India is large and global recession has hit the least in our country so spending power of Indians has not diminished.
Large shopping chains have started their initial entry process. Fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC, Dominos have all entered the market. Large companies dealing in automobiles, mobiles, construction, transport are all vying with each other to gain a foothold in India.
Online shopping sites like amazon, alibaba are already in business. ecommerce portals are the latest craze in India. Growing economic independence, nuclear families, increase in income, spending power increases, lavish lifestyles adopted are the reason for retail boom in India. International  e shopping sites had to agree to follow some rules & regulations to be given entry in India.

online supermarket Varanasi

Many national level shopping stores started like flipkart, snapdeal, bigbasket etc. These online stores were following market place model and thus delivery service was excellent. The introductory offers were attractive and thus buyers were hooked to shopping sites. The products sold online were priced low & delivered home free at a preferred time, this was a boon for busy professionals who could shop at their leisure and get the products home. The’ free home delivery’ feature was a very favourable feature as transportation is a headache especially if the product is big. The delivery person calls and confirms the presence of the customer before delivery which is very convenient. It was a win-win situation for the customer and hence online stores are on the rise.
There is a mushrooming of local level e-stores or online shopping portals at city level. We  started in Nagpur and now has its presence in Kanpur, Varanasi. This online shopping portal is providing best service to  customers & delivering orders same day. Groceries, fruits, vegetables and a wide variety of products are available on our portal.
Online shopping sites are very much in demand during unfavourable weather conditions like, summer or rainy season. Customers now want to conveniently shop from home, they want to avoid queques, wandering from shop to shop to purchase products & then carry it home. The urbanites do not have the time or energy to shop for basic essentials also, it is very easy to browse for products and place orders and get it delivered at a desired time. The shopping sites are thus providing best service to the customers & hence are reaping rewards.

online shopping
Today customer wants top quality products, low prices & excellent service, all three are the hallmarks of an e-shopping site. Naturally everyone is attracted towards online stores Nagpur to get the latest products at reasonable rates.
Customers want personalised service and lots of information about the products, sales persons at stores are not very knowledgeable about the products, thus leading to doubts in the customer’s minds.
e-commerce is thus here to stay and in future more customers will like to purchase from these online portals.