Friday, 19 August 2016

Enjoy your breakfast with ready mix food

Rising prices of restaurant food & scarcity of time is an important factor for the rising popularity of instant food. Instant foods are of many types.Soups, sweets, salty snacks, vegetarian & non vegetarian curries are available as instant food.The proper proportion of mixing all ingredients together is very important to  make a perfect dish. Many times due to mistakes in proportion of ingredients a good dish turns into a disaster. The cake does not rise, idlis are not soft, dosas are not crisp and the list goes on for the reasons of a dish not turning to be perfect.
The correct proportion is either learned by frequent practice of preparing the dish or from grandmas, mothers, aunts even uncles. Many times there is no one to tell you the exact proportion, here instant mixes are the answer for a superb, perfect dish. Top brands offer the ingredients packed in the right proportion under  supervision of  top experts. It is an art acquired after many years of hardwork, practice. The proportion is different for different people, some experts just put a pinch of many ingredients while others carefully measure each ingredient. Both methods work, the only thing that matters is the end result. Every expert has a secret ingredient which he/she does not reveal. There are many mysterious secret ingredients ranging from lemon to bay leaf,turmeric.

online ready mix food
Ready mix is the answer to all these problems. Just purchase a packet of these ready mix products and prepare the best snack or dish that you desire. The results are so amazing that everyone will think that you are a trained chef. Dishes or snacks with many ingredients, that should be mixed in various proportions are available in packets with detailed instructions in many Indian languages.
Many classic dishes like Idli, Dosa, Dhokla are available in various variations & it is always good to experiment with the ingredients used. Many ordinary or familiar dishes are given a twist with exotic flavors.
Instant mix of dishes like gulab jamun, Idli ,Dosa are very popular and very easy to make. Many top brands offer instant mix packets. They are hygienically packed especially vacuum packed and all ingredients are of top quality. The  dish that is prepared from this ready to eat is very tasty & delicious.
Sweets, snacks, dishes can be prepared from the instant mix packets. If  unexpected guests come then these instant mix are a blessing in disguise. A feast can be prepared in no time and the guests will be surprised and happy.

online ready mix food

If  someone is a first timer at cooking then again these instant mix are a life saver, you can whip delicious dishes and not have to sustain on restaurant food.
But these instant mixes are expensive and cannot be had on a daily basis.
Here online products are the perfect answer. Online portals offer great deals, bargain offers, deliver the products home at a desired or preferred time. These products are from top brands so there is no safety issue involved, so it is a perfect product to be purchased online.