Saturday, 13 August 2016

Happy independence day

Our country is the largest democratic nation of the world, even though we are a developing nation with a low rate of literacy, large population, poverty-stricken multitude of people, Growing security threats, less income per capita, a large chasm between rich & poor, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats we still have a robust, healthy working democracy. It is  very difficult to organize a voting for a billion people every five years but this exercise is undertaken and a party wins and forms government for five years. People vote in rain, cold, heat, cross rivers ,jungles  to cast votes.  This is quite an achievement   for the people in India.

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The latest  meaning of INDIA  is Independent nation in the month of August.
We, Indians must never forget the sacrifice of the many lacs of freedom  fighters who laid down their lives so that we can get freedom. Many were young, just in their prime years, when selflessly they sacrificed their comforts, participated in protests, went to jail for freedom.
Today for most of the Indians Independence day is a holiday for enjoying good food, drinks and generally have a good time, but all this must change. We must constructively work  for building our nation and making it more strong & prosperous. We must undertake some community service & repay in whatever small way possible, to the society at large. We must  strive hard to atleast control corruption, crime, clashes amongst communities  if we want to still retain freedom. We must always remember our history which  teaches us that, Indians have always lost due to infighting. If we stand together and not fight amongst ourselves then no enemy is strong enough to defeat us.
 We must have honest, hardworking people at the top positions of power. We need upright, disciplined police officers, dedicated officers in the armed forces, and honest  officials at all government offices. This seems a impossible task but with patience we can achieve all this and more.

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Today more NGOs are working for the upliftment and progress of different sections of the society, we can do our little bit by helping these organizations.
Respect the armed forces, these men & women put their lives  in danger so that we can sleep peacefully in our homes.
We must do our little bit and not depend on the government for all progress.We must cooperate with the government in making India the country that it was before being ruled by the British, that is a prosperous and beautiful country.
Wishing all a very Happy Independence Day......!!!