Friday, 5 August 2016

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Festivals and celebrations are needed to spice up the other wise boring & routine everyday life. India is a country of festivals. There are celebrations of all kinds happening . We have festivals in honor of gods, goddesses, planets, satellites (Moon), we even have special days for animals, like Pola for cattle, Nagpanchami for snakes, days for remembering our dear ones who have departed, festivals for harvest, special days for change of seasons.
Our forefathers were very clever people who knew the method of keeping life interesting. There were special dishes allotted to different festivals. There was variety in diet, usually vegetables, cereals, fruits available in that period was  prepared on the special day. There was a healthy correlation between Man & Nature.

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Special papads, dried chilies, are in summer. Summer being hot, vegetables are not available so papads are used to bring variety in diet.  During Diwali it is winter there are lots of vegetables , fruits, ghee all available so rich dishes are prepared.
Indian cuisine is incomplete without oil & ghee. This is used for cooking, moisturizing, decorating, as a medicine etc. Now modern urbanites are also turning to grandma’s remedies and improving standard of health. Online ghee & oil products varanasi provides modern city dwellers with excellent quality products at whole sale prices.
Ghee is used for cooking from very olden days. Ghee is used for daily cooking, for special dishes for festive days. Ghee is made from butter which inturn is made from milk. Mythological tales speak of India as the land of honey and milk.  Indians had a rich cuisine variety that were made from butter & milk.  Modern doctors advice patients to include milk, ghee in their diets, this was the normal practice some two three decades ago. Modern urbanites started copying West & ignored the practices of their grandparents. Now they have also turned back to the old cooking methods like cooking in terracotta utensils, roasting on open fires.

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The  new days that have been created by youngsters is friendship day. This is a good concept that has been appreciated by all. Friends are irreplaceable , they are the  support for many a person who dared to dream unconventional dreams. Friends support during good times, bad times, sickness, joy, anger, breakups, job promotions, demotions, anger and a whole variety of upheavals in life

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A festival unique to India is Rakshabandhan, a festival that high lights the deep emotional bond that a sister shares with her brother. Buy online rakhi and make your Rakshabandhan special.On this day rich dishes made from ghee like kheer, ladoo, peda and many other goodies are made. A whole lot of fried goodies that are salty & sweet are prepared by sisters and fed to brothers as a mark of sisterly love.