Sunday, 7 August 2016

Benefits of Patanjali products

Natural based, herbal products are the most popular products in the market today. Products that are formulated from natural extracts usually  are more effective  and have lasting  action.
Urbanites are now turning to ayurvedic products because the other cosmetics, haircare, dental care products are all chemical or artificially produced with no natural ingredients. The natural movement to use indigenous products has gained momentum & so Patanjali products have gained popularity.
Patanjali grocery products are available in  wide range. Dental care, haircare, groceries, medicines, cosmetic, personal care, ready to eat food are some of the categories available.
Cosmetics products like aloevera gel, moisturizers with natural extracts, facewash with aloevera, neem tulsi etc, anti-wrinkle cream, beauty creams with natural extracts are all very effective and customers are satisfied with the results. These products are very good and work well. Satisfied customers spread message through mouth publicity due to which product’s demand is increasing.

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Personal care products of Patanjali  like  soap, hair oil, medicated hair oils, dental care creams for kids & adults,  different types of shampoos, conditioners, toothbrushes for kids & adults. All these products are very good especially soaps, dental creams, shampoos & oil.  These products are very popular because they are natural based , are effective and are priced very less. Common middle class households cannot use ayurvedic products  as their prices are very high. Patanjali is thus offering Indian middle class households very authentic ayurvedic products that are  in their budget range.
One year back there was no advertisements, no merchandising campaigns, only personal  validations of products, which is very important. If a close friend or relative personal guarantees the effectiveness of the products there is no need for expensive advertisements, large scale campaigns, or high ranking brand ambassadors.

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Patanjali ready to eat products are very healthy, like amla murabbas, bel murabbas, amla candy, pickles, sweets,  chocoflakes, ketchup. Patanjali atta noodles are  very healthy and is very popular nowadays. The top selling brand uses refined flour & unhealthy oil in making noodles but Patanjali noodles is using wheat & rice bran oil. Thus ready to eat products are very healthy & thus are much in demand. Biscuits are also very nutritious have high fibre content. The best feature is that the price is very economical and can be bought by common people.
A wide range of grocery products are available that include detergents, various whole grain flours, whole spices, spice powders. All these are authenticated by parents, grandparents who vouch for the products and order everyone to use Patanjali products. Most of these people are Baba Ramdev followers who have benefitted from his yoga sessions. These products are actually good and are priced very less.
Patanjali health products like chywanprash & various churans like jeera pachak, methi nimbu pachak, are also very good products. Churans are very good digestive tablets. These products are also priced very reasonably.