Monday, 22 August 2016

Become fit & healthy

Health is wealth is an old saying that is being proved correct even now.In today’s sedentary lifestyle there is no physical activity involved in day to day activities. Computer related work is always done sitting and so posture matters a lot. All professionals young, old, any profession turn to computers/laptops for any work. Presentations, quotations, tender, propositions, even personal work like banking, shopping is done through laptops & mobiles so health literally goes for a toss.
Health & fitness can be achieved only through changing lifestyle and adding regular exercise, healthy food habits. Gym, fitness centers, yoga classes, aerobic classes have mushroomed in big & small cities all over India. Gym memberships are very expensive, personal trainers charge exorbitantly. People do not know the correct form of exercise, like there are several types of exercise for different muscles & different expected results.

online fitness equipment

Many fitness machines are available in stores, malls of different brands. Demonstration of machines is given by salesman along with special features, best suited for which type of person.
There are a lot of machines that are very good according to reviews, look but are not very effective for exercising. Many machines are just attractive looking and not effective enough just marketing tricks. There are many types of tread mills, cycles, resistance tubes, exercise balls, abs builders, shoulder, leg machines, balls, footballs, racquets, cricket bats, shuttle cocks, tennis balls etc.
Online shopping of helps customers to purchase fitness machines online. The customer can browse through products at his/her leisure time and get information about the fitness machines available in the world.
He /She can compare the salient features of many machines and decide on a specific machine that is most effective for individual needs. For eg. A customer needs to tone his leg muscles, and then he/ she can compare various models of machines & choose accordingly. Sometimes customers need manually operated machines, like treadmill cycles, abs builder then they can choose accordingly. Online shopping of  gives complete information about desired product and customer can choose according to choice, price range, colour, material and get it delivered home. Gifting health or fitness machines has gained momentum nowadays. Gifting has become easy with online shopping and added benefits are the easy payment options. Gifts can be delivered home at desired time & place. Online shopping has made customers more aware about the health problems and the exercises that benefit them.
Fitness equipment online are becoming affordable and as people want to look fit like their favorite film stars, cricket stars or celebrities they are working on general fitness. Many fitness videos also are attracting customers to at least work out for 20 minutes and use fitness equipment like balls, ropes, resistance ropes etc.
Many games are being targeted as healthy like tennis, badminton, table tennis, football are good for cardio-activity, increasing endurance levels, building stamina etc.
Customers are joining clubs, gyms or playing in parks, gardens, backyards and reaping benefits of a healthy life. Thus people young & old are focusing on fitness.