Saturday, 25 June 2016

Morning starts with tasty cookies makes your day

Freshly baked products are tempting and delicious treats for young and old alike. Biscuits, cookies, rusk are very tasty anytime snacks. Sweet, salty, savory cookies
and biscuits are on offer. Special cookies made from mixed dry fruits, crushed dry 
fruit cookies, chocolate biscuits, cheese cookies, butterscotch biscuits, butter 
cookies are available at very cheap prices. For the diet conscious digestive biscuits, crackers, cheese crackers are also on offer at our portal.

online bakery products

We provide Packaged foods are available in a wide range. Ready to make, ready to cook foods are very popular in the busy lifestyle of urbanites. These foods are carefully sorted and delivered to customers after checking expiry date and other relevant codes.Jams,spreads of different types, mayonnaise, chocolate spread, milk chocolate spread are some of the mouth watering treats on offer. All these bakery products online available at just a click  from our portal.

Snacks  both traditional, modern wafers, chikki, laddus, murmura are also available in great variety. Spicy, salty, sweet snacks are on offer at very reasonable prices at our portal. Snacks for all ages , occasions and to delight all ages are available at great prices. Snacks specifically for fasts are also delivered. Healthy snacks, low calorie snacks, a variety of  different snacks are purchasable at our portal. Ready to cook non-veg dishes from top brand Delicious are also procurable at our portal.